Thursday, student body president candidate, Kornelius Bascombe, held a town hall meeting to speak to students about his platform and clear up any misconceptions about his campaign. Bascombe is a sophomore is criminology and the chair of Black Students Board, an umbrella organization under Union Activities Board. Bascombe feels after serving on the Student Senate Board of Directors, and the judicial board, he is the most polished candidate for the position. Bascombe said, “In a way this is history… I am the first sophomore candidate for SBP in about 20 years.”

One of the main ideas he discussed Thursday was making the University’s administration more accountable for negligent acts of discrimination and re-budgeting student fees to best suite student’s needs. “We need a more proactive administration, not reactive,” Bascombe said, referencing the tunnel incident.

It’s a relative issue, stabilizing the print quota system for students is a way to ensure printing capabilities without gauging them with having to print required readings or assignments. “I am the only candidate to disburse student fees,” he said.

To accomplish this goal he would like to “serve as the liaison between students and administration” to link the supply and the demand on campus.

Bascombe spoke briefly about a career initiative that will create better relationships between undergraduates and alumni for more on the job training and experience, plus increase the ratio of graduates to ready employment opportunities.

“Paying attention to the general education requirements” is key said, Bascombe in response to his plans to improve academia, asked Marquis McCullough. He also said we need to “hire more staff to ensure student graduates in four years.” He described in his own experience struggling to create an opportunity where there was none, by seeking an internship with an organization that was not registered with our career center. Bascombe said, “That should never happen at this University.”

“I can’t change Spring Break,” said Bascombe to further prove his point that some candidates are making empty or untangible promises to ensue a victory by telling students what they want to hear.

He said, “I am realistic” and have set goals that are attainable. Also, Bascombe doesn’t see his reign as student body president merely lasting a year, but could reach beyond since he is only a sophomore. “I am fresh and new, living my dream everyday,” said Bascombe. He feels very qualified for this position for a number of reasons, mostly because of his experience in student government, organizations like UAB who use student monies to plan events for diversity, and his ability to make time for students, and the campus he loves.

When asked about the challenges he may face during his term, Bascombe felt gaining student involvement would be the largest obstacle to over come.

Freshman Kela Farmer said, “I loved what I heard tonight- it’s a plus that I will get to witness his policies affect this campus. I will become more involved” after hearing Bascombes pleas for participation on behalf of students. “To make change, I need each of you,” he explained.

Bascombe is up for the task of facing adversity. Candace Lee asked, “Will you be afraid to stand up to the Technician?” Bascombe replied,  “Yes, these things are unfortunate and offensive but there is a way to handle it.” Jezzette Rivera added, “We have a great group of candidates-I am impressed with Kornelius because he has what the students want.”