Madea, Madea, Madea.
Coming back with a vengeance is the large and in charge Mabel Simmons in Madea Goes to Jail.  This Georgia or “Georgier” peach is from the streets and will not let you sleep on her for a second.  You just have to keep your eye on her, the police as well, and should keep your ears open just so you won’t miss that advice that will benefit you in the long run as well.  This movie debut on February 20th and is well worth actually going to the theaters to see.

For those who don’t know about the “Madea”, it is a sight to see.  Madea has been through it all and is remorseful for nothing.  She backs up her talk and has a heart of gold, but she will without a doubt put you in your place if you do wrong.  With her daughter, the sweet and very religious, Cora, does her best to try to keep her mother out of trouble.  Mr. Leroy Brown, Madea’s “husband” and Cora’s father, is as religious as he is confused.  This man is always mispronouncing something and placing something within a religious context.  The only thing louder than his mouth when it comes to religion is his choice of clothing.  Both being colorful and tight, Mr. Brown tries to keep Madea down, but realizes that she is a lost cause at times.
Now creative genius, Tyler Perry, did not use much of Madea in the last movie Meet the Browns but she comes back full-force into this movie with legal troubles galore, as usual.  With a rap sheet that could chalk up the entire brickyard, Madea actually goes to jail after flipping a car.  It’s there where she meets “Candace Washington” who is well recognized as Keshia Knight Pulliam, or little “Rudy Huxtable” from The Cosby Show.  Candace is a street walker and addict that ended up far from where she was supposed to be as an event from her past haunts and lead her to a life that isn’t worth living.  It also haunts “Joshua Hardaway” played by Derek Luke.  Luke, who has been in films such as: Antwone Fisher, Friday Night Lights, and most recently Notorious, seems to have it all.  He’s about to be married and is an Assistant District Attorney who wants to help his old friend that he has felt that he has let down before.
Madea Goes to Jail is a constant back and forth between serious drama and hilarious comedy.  There is a lot of crying moments, whether it is out of the seriousness of the moment or the laughter.  There is deceit and treachery unlike what we have seen in Perry’s movies.  The notion of class differences and who/what you are supposed to do and be becomes an underlying theme in the movie that should receive the attention that it does.  With religion always being referenced in his movies, you begin to take a look into your own life and how you interact with people.  One stretch of the movie includes Madea talking about being a victim and forgiveness.  In typical Madea style, she comes funny but direct and will just tell you how it is.
Of course people will go see this movie for the comedy. Tyler Perry delivers with Madea and Joe, her brother with their comedy.  The always colorfully stylish, Leroy Brown, and the always holy Cora, are back and try to keep Madea in line and in the church.  I do agree with Madea in that WWJD can stand for “What’s Wrong with Jermaine Dupri?”, some moments with Madea will just make you say, “That ain’t right.”  The real reason to see this movie is to learn.  You will be reached by this movie.  You just might make a change in how you deal with yourself and other people.
The movie is great in that it leaves you wanting more and it’s very recommended that you actually see it.  It’ll make you laugh and cry and it is very well-worth the view.  With the interesting cast of characters and surprises around each turn, you will be on the edge of your seat throughout.  Now as Leroy says, go study that “Chemi-stry” now.