Valentine’s Day is traditionally known for the emphasis on those who have that special person to adore and show how much they care. Whether it is by roses, chocolate, flowers, or something even more special and intimate, those in love show each other how they enjoy the feeling. Of course, to get to this point you must find that other half to enjoy it with.  For some people, the actual work to find that person isn’t as difficult as those on television make it seem. It’s hilarious and disappointing to see how the concept of “love” has been turned into a carnival act on many VH1 shows.

Well, Flavor Flav started with a Strange Love in Brigitte Nielsen that set the roller coaster on the track.  Flav then went on to find love’s flavor in VH1’s Flavor of Love and we all learned that you can serve raw chicken and call it cooked, spitting is a horrible habit, and that Flav really hates Blind Date. In the end of all this he wanted it to hoop it up with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander which made Tiffany “New York” Pollard cry and didn’t work out in the end. Guess he wanted to imitate the Knicks.

Flav tried again a second time, to reset his heart from before, but couldn’t get the women to stop fighting from minutes inside the door. We had rappers and actors, the return of New York, and a smell so bad, just accident the floor. Yes New York returned, with terror and fright, and lost at the end like before to a “Deelishis” Chandra Davis. New York lost even more class and stayed so crass and told Flav, “You can kiss my (you know the rest)!” Deelishis didn’t stay that way to Flav for long, because he had to do it again.

Third time is a charm, that’s what they say, but that is wrong so says Flavor Flav. He tried new women, both big and ones in pairs (twins), they tried and tried to show Flav some love. From reviving him to marriage proposals, roasts and plays, to France and beyond and extra women who wanted a say, he chose “Thing 2” but the love wasn’t true and went on to baby mama and played us all, boo hoo.

New York brought drama and included her mama on I Love New York 1 and 2.  She shrieked and was loud and brought shame, and more than anything else she lost at her own game. The men threw themselves down steps to avoid her, lied about money to impress her, and were beaten down over her. With anger and resentment and hope for the future she chose Patrick “Tango” Hunter over the better “Chance” Kamal Givens, but talked about Tango’s mother and was dumped yet again.  She deserves that because you don’t badmouth someone’s mama like that. Second time around was a lot of the same old violence, spitting, and betrayal. Whether men or little people, New York couldn’t stop being New York and picked who she thought was tailor-made for her in George Weisgerber who we know as “Tailor Made.”  Even though he was married and got a divorce for her, they split in spite of their engagement.  So she’s officially a loser at love for four times.

The cycle went on to Stallionaires in A Real Chance at Love for Chance and his older brother Ahmad “Real” Givens. They were dumped by New York left those both betrayed and Hoopz denying Real, left his heart without love so they went to find someone for their own. The names were simple and the drama complex and plenty of emphasis were on these ladies’ chests. In tradition, there were fights and crying, kissing and lying, and even some angry squirrels in the mix. Chance gave no one a chance and didn’t pick anyone until the reunion show, where he picked Ebony Jones, or “Risky.”  It’s who he should’ve picked since in order to take a chance you have to take risks, but he wasn’t always the smartest one in the bunch. Real did make a choice and is “taking it slow” with Abbi La Nay Noah also known as “Corn Fed.” No telling where they are going to end up, but we hope for the best.

Now Ray J is doing the same in For the Love of Ray J and is hoping for love that doesn’t end up on a video tape. Maybe this time the television love will translate to real life.