Beyonce delivers her diva status credit once again with “I AM…Sasha Fierce.” Yes, it is definitely a different sound for Queen B, but what is a real diva without the risks? She formally introduces the world to her somewhat known alter ego – Sasha Fierce. Sasha Fierce is who Beyonce personifies when she burns up the stage, the half of her that is fearless. Sasha Fierce is the sassy comparison to the well-known calm, cool, and collected Beyonce we often see in interviews.

There are all kinds of sounds we associate with her voice in this album and there are some we do not. We get a taste of R&B, hip-hop, pop, and then folk, and rock. If you are a die-hard Beyonce fan, then you will definitely fall in love with this edition to her legend, but if you are not open-minded to a celebrity switching things up a bit, then maybe you will find it hard to embrace each track. Although it would do me much pleasure to highlight every song on the album, the standout track from both I AM… and Sasha Fierce(SF) is “If I Were a Boy”; we have all heard this hit single and fallen for it. Even though some would say this song is too much like Ciara’s “Like a Boy,” it sends the same message but exudes a different vibe. The truth is… there will always be women wondering how differently things would be if a man could see a situation through her eyes, or even wonder what it would be like to show a man how it feels to love a girl by even being him just for a day. So who cares how many times artists may say the same thing, a good song is a good song, and this is a beautiful track.

Beyonce’s range is one of a kind, and undeniably powerful for songs such as these. “Halo” is that song you hear that replays in your head all day. Her falsetto is gorgeous, and sounds nothing but heavenly. “Standing in the light of your halo, you’re my saving grace, you’re everything I need and more” – yes, beautiful lyrics delivered by a beautiful voice. “Disappear” is a song that Beyonce connects with listeners, using a sweet soft voice to fill us in on the confusion of not knowing how a man feels about you. She wonders like so many-“If it’s good, it’s got to last, it feels so right.”

“Broken-Hearted Girl”, “I know that I love you and let me just say, I don’t want to love you in no kind of way.” Enough said – you learn quickly that this song is the epitome of what you don’t want to be … many girls can relate to the feeling of broken heartedness; they will definitely appreciate this track. With “Ave Maria,” B took it back with this classic song, and really one word describes this song; soothing. As soon as the music starts, it is like you are in a dream or listening to a lullaby.

From SF: “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” the new single ladies anthem that has taken the place of “Get me bodied,” which every lady still loves, it is only a compliment that the video, which is 3:13 seconds of straight dance moves. “Radio,” B sings, “I think I’m in love with my radio, he never lets me down.” It’s a cute song with a dope beat that explains how her radio is the equivalent of a boyfriend. I can relate to these lyrics because just like B, the music that a radio belts out will always be my first and last love. “Diva,” “A diva is the female version of a hustla.” This song is the “upgrade you” of the new B album. The beat is sick, and the lyrics portray a Female Hustla’s or Diva’s attitude. “It’s all about me, my status, and my money.” And “Ego”; if you are proud of your man’s swag, and his BOSS status, then this song is for you.

I have to rate this album an A+, because there is something for everybody whether you are up, down, or feeling like listening to a different genre of music at the moment. Beyonce is still the best at what she does, and who can blame her for testing the waters and trying something different. Just like “B-day” is still in rotation, “I AM…Sasha Fierce” will be in the line-up for some time to come.