What is the real deal with all these reality television shows these days? While doing my day to day channel surfing it appears to be almost near to impossible to pass a channel that is not a reality television show. Do not get me wrong though. I am a victim to watching the infamous reality television shows myself.  I love them and more than often get drawn into a controversial episode of America’s Next Top Model, as each week; aspiring models from all over the country are sent packing for failure to achieve modeless behavior or status. But everyone must admit that the drama is what really draws us in. Although the themes of these reality television shows may seem positive in their on special way with shows that attempt to help infamous celebrities find love or lose weight, we can admit that the real reason we are drawn in by these shows are because the ongoing controversy going on between the people on the shows. It is hard to say but what is truly real about reality television shows is that we enjoy watching the humiliation, suffering, and over all drama of others. It is not reality television without controversy.

It seems negative to say that society is drawn into reality television because of the enjoyment we get out of watching others suffer but it is a much deeper feeling one gets out of watching others suffer through a whole bunch of drama because these television shows let their viewers know that they are not alone. These shows touch the lives of many and are relatable to the public eye. In every reality television show a viewer is bound to be drawn to a character on the show whom they can relate to, whether it be for personal reasons or not. Even after you are introduced to this character, you find yourself siding with the character based on their actions towards others on the show and the battles they may fight or not fight within themselves. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of reality television and the real deal. People are so use to watching shows and movies that provide their viewers with plots that more than likely fall under the genre of fantasy or plots that seem almost impossible that they would ever happen to let me say “the average Joe” so we as viewers turn to reality television to get our dosage of what is really real, so to speak.

In some effects, it may not be reality or even in a sense relatable and a great example would be, I Love New York, which aired on VH1.  New York, or as she was formally known as, Tiffany Pollard, invites twenty lucky bachelors into her decked out mansion in hopes she will find true love from one of the bachelors. Although it appears to be an unscripted show, New York alone is the epitome of drama and screams fake in all aspects of the word as her attempt at giving her viewers a real sense of reality only gives viewers comedic relief. As a student and better yet and African American student it makes me upset to see the Black community turn to reality television for their fifteen minutes of fame. As a culture we do feel the need to watch these types of shown because they are flashy and draw you in without script or lines. There are simply no strings attached to this genre of television and on a student’s schedule it may seem better that way. New York’s personality alone speaks for great reality television and at times is comical to watch. I, as a student, enjoy watching her overact and enlighten her viewers with her over the top, drama queen personality but that is about the only thing she has going for her. When you take away the make-up, boob job and loud, obnoxious speaking voice, you simply have a confused and somewhat dumb African American Woman trying to show what she thinks is reality. Is it really reality? More like pure comedy if you ask me and so I laugh and wonder where television will go from here. As a culture we feed off of these shows for our personal source of entertainment and as students they are appealing so only time will tell when reality will truly set in.