Apparently, learning proper etiquette habits do not have to wait until placed in “real world” situations, but rather learned now to enhance preparation of college scholars before their first corporate business dinner, or local charity gala. The Charm SKOol: Prim, Proper, and Pretty program on Thursday evening demonstrated how to succeed in academics and engage in suitable behaviors for future CEO’s, attorneys and Fortune 500 accountants.  As a part of the Kappa Omicron chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha organization week, the ladies planned a evening based on learning proper dinner decorum, learning correct conversation etiquette, and a session on being dressed to impress during any occasion, for as Ms. Thorpe stated, “What is inside, always comes out.” The evening was split into three segments, beginning with dinner etiquette, lead by Ms. Rolanda Allison, the advisor for Kappa Omicron. She focused on detailed accounts of her past experiences of dining with elite professionals at banquet halls and country clubs, all the while explaining the placement of each utensil and its function. Normally, in a two to three course meal, several components are measured by your peers or deemed appropriate when dining. While on average people eat with one plate and the basic utensils, during this occasion, there are several plates, saucers, and bowls, coupled with many tools available to enjoy your meal, a total of 15, to be exact. Ms. Allison laid out the basics and, then, pinpointed a list of 10 rules that will “apply during any dining experience.” Although, acknowledging her avoidance of the rules at times, she did explain the importance of remaining polite and courteous to your guest. Initially, this program was designed for women; however, male students filled the Washington Sankofa Room to get a lesson in mannerisms, as well. Jacoby Pulley a senior in business administration said, “In addition to food etiquette and communication skills, insight was provided to the male portion of the audience from a female’s prospective.”

Ms. Thorpe addressed the audience to recommend tasteful conversation skills while understanding the different “levels of communication.” Each level introduced a new way of approaching a conversation with someone you just met or even one of your closest friends. She gave sound advice as to how to initiate a discussion, keep the contents pleasant, and give information that is appropriate for the location and level of friendship. According to Ms. Thorpe, level one is the beginner’s stage of talking with new people and can have an adverse effect, if not kept within the dynamic of commonality. Each level develops until you reach level four, which is when you can become personable, express opinions, and give details, but only after “establishing trust.” A key point of her presentation was about the image you leave for others to base their thoughts about who you are and who you are becoming. “There is a difference between high school and college communication,” said Ms. Thorpe, when explaining how to speak to a professor or an adult.

Lastly, to fit in with your new etiquette skills, and conversation limitations, attire was the final segment to graduate from Charm SKOol. Facilitated by Mrs. Felicia Baity, this segment sought to improve the clothing of students and enhance their overall perception about themselves, as young adults, within a university, spiritual and business setting. Each portion of her assessment was followed by biblical scriptures that directly related our bodies and their purpose. Sade McLain, member of Kappa Omicron, said, “I believe that the way you dress says a lot about you. I also learned the importance of embracing the body that you have, and dressing it appropriately; meanwhile, being able to add your own personal style.” As a reminder, “Sometimes, people don’t always get to speak with you when they determine who you are by your appearance that is your first impression,” said Mrs. Baity.