Do you know there is a reading room featuring a myriad of books by African American writers right here on campus? This is a very special room that has many readings from the African American race, and it is waiting for you to grace it with your presence.

If reading popular black works of art is your forte, or learning more about this race is an objective of yours, then this room is the place for you. This collection has works pertaining to Africana studies, women’s and gender studies, and interdisciplinary studies, but do not worry, these books are not all based around educational genres; there are many fun books you can sit back and read during your leisure time. This library is here on campus for the sole purpose of providing us students access to learning more about the African American culture, and giving insight into the successful authors of our time and generations before. It is a privilege to have access to a room such as this one, simply because in some ways it is a beacon of hope to aspiring black writers on campus, and an opportunity for other races to learn more about African American history.

This reading room is equipped with computers capable of internet access. As if you were at D.H. Hill library, it is possible to search the NCSU databases and archives for projects. If it is in your interest to contact a librarian onsite at the African American reading room, you can do so through “Ask a Librarian.” They will also be able to provide you with sufficient responses to your questions about specific details, which you may inquire about, personally, through the phone or online. If for example you want to request an African American work that is not available on campus, through our online service “Tripsaver,” the school can provide it for you! “Tripsaver” is a delivery service that delivers the particular document one may request.

Students also do not have to worry about an ethernet cord here, or no internet access for your personal computer! There is wireless service available, so one can do what they need without dealing with the hassle of cords or entering passwords and such for the mainframe computers. Visually impaired students also have the opportunity of a black and white photocopier with magnification. For future reference, because I am sure you all will be visiting, this photocopier is dubbed the Telesensory Voyager Visualtek CCTV. There is also a TV/DVD/VCR available for viewing anything you may need for class or personal desires. For checking out books, you must be a NCSU student, staff, or faculty member.  If you want to check ahead of time for your item of choice, to be sure it is available, give 919-515-1397 a call. Whatever you do, do not be inconsiderate by having your cell phones and pagers, and do not eat or drink in this room because you will not be allowed to stay.

If you want to visit, reading room hours are Monday-Friday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and it is located on the second floor of Witherspoon Student Center. Give this room a try, because it a great opportunity for students to have access to a room featuring wonderful African American literature. Tell a friend, bring a friend, or just come by yourself and take advantage of this wonderful part of the African American Cultural Center.