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Students Organize Anti-Confederate Rally at State Capitol

On Saturday, Feb. 9, over 50 people participated in an anti-Confederate monument demonstration organized by Smash Racism Raleigh at the North Carolina State Capitol on Union Square. Skye McCollum, a third-year studying political science and communication, is an officer in Young Democratic Socialists of America at NC State and was a main organizer of the demonstration. “We are Smash Racism Raleigh,” McCollum said. “We’re a coalition group that is formed of a lot of NC State students mostly rooting from Raleigh DSA and Young Democratic Socialists of America. We are trying to form a coalition to bring awareness to these racist statues.”

Race-Based Politics are Back in Vogue

Two years after the disastrous 2016 elections, America at-large is still reeling from the effects of that election. The far-right, prejudiced politics have eschewed in a familiar type of politicking across the country. It is the politics of overt racism that we have not quite seen since the 1960s.