Author: Nubian Message Editor

Staying true to your passion

What is passion? The definition I found for the word passion in Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary is: “a moving of the mind or soul; excitement of the feelings, whether pleasing or painful; disturbance or agitation of mind caused by a specific exciting cause and manifested by some sensible effect on the body.” Is there anything in life that excites you and makes you want to pursue it in an effort to better yourself and others around you? Whatever it is, please do not let go of your passion.

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The Oil Cleansing Method

Clear, glowing healthy skin is a trait that many wish they could have. Some can achieve this characteristic without having to do much of anything. For some it is hard as they have tried everything from various facial cleansers to prescription medications. However there are many natural ways that could benefit your skin, thus making it clear and beautiful. One of the many natural ways that will be discussed is called the oil cleansing method.

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Happier here or at home?

Despite common opinion, college life is not easy. There is the constant struggle of juggling academics, extra-curricular activities, a social life, and then, the ever-changing effects of being homesick. Initially, it’s a sense of being out of place. All of your surroundings seem unfamiliar, causing a negative perception of the new experience. Studies have shown that not only is it quite common, but homesickness is a natural occurrence.

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